For over 45 years
working aluminum
Daniel Ferreira Carneiro activity began in March 1971in place of Marco Meixomilbegan with the assembly of small iron railingsand shortly afterbegan working with aluminum as well.
In 1975, four years after he began with the construction of new locks this time in the parish of Penamaior.
From there it was growing day by day and in 2002 the company passed to his sons, they built a new company that they named ALUMINIOS FERREIRA RISCA LDA.we currently have an area of 500m2worked in variousmodels aluminumtaking into account the major references on the market:
  • Aluminium heat;
  • Aluminium lacquered in several colors (primary colors from the colors of wood);
  • Aluminium made ??together (aluminum and wood);
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