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» 84mm depth hinged system with profiles including 6 interior chambers and insulating foams inserted both in frame and sash that allows to achieve the best thermal performance in the market.

» Available in two versions, both certified by prestigious German Passivhaus Institut:

A 84 Passivhaus HI version, with Uw transmittance value of only 0.66 W / m²K, has been developed for cool-temperate category (temperate and cold weather), becoming an ideal solution for buildings with low energy consumption in the vast majority of European territory. The glass itself acts as a structural element of the window, fixed to the profile by a special adhesive tape. In this way, it is possible to improve the transmittance while maintaining the rigidity of the assembly intact.

On the other hand, version A 84 Passivhaus 1.0, with transmittance value Uw from 0.74 W / m²K, meets the specifications of the warm-temperate category, indicated in the Spanish geography.

» Maximum glazing thickness
A84 Passivhaus HI – 56 mm
A84 Passivhaus 1.0 – 54 mm

» Opening possibilities

A84 Passivhaus HI
Inwards: side hung, turn & tilt, bottom hung.

A84 Passivhaus 1.0
Inwards: side hung, turn & tilt, tilt & parallel, bottom hung.

» Sections
Frame – 84 mm
Sash – 84 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

A84 Passivhaus HI
Width (L) = 450-1300 mm
Height (H) = 450-2200 mm
Width (L) = 450-1300 mm
Height (H) = 600-2200 mm

A84 Passivhaus 1.0
Width (L) = 450-1400 mm
Height (H) = 450-2200 mm
Width (L) = 650-1400 mm
Height (H) = 600-2400 mm

» Maximum weight/sash

A84 Passivhaus HI
100 Kg Window
100 Kg Balcony

A84 Passivhaus 1.0
130 Kg Window
130 Kg Balcony

Please consult regarding maximum
weight and dimensions according to types.

» Finishes
Wood effect

» Transmittance

A84 Passivhaus HI
Uw from 0,66 (W/m²K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

A84 Passivhaus 1.0
Uw from 0,74 (W/m²K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

» Maximum acoustic insulation
Rw=46 dB

» Air permeability
(UNE-EN 12207:2000) CLASS 4

» Water tightness
(UNE-EN 12208:2000) CLASS E1500

» Wind resistance
(UNE-EN 12210:2000) CLASS C5
Reference test 1,23 x 1,48 m, 2 Sashes.

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