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By controlling all the present elements in a building finishing you can guarantee its reliability and efficiency. For this reason in CORTIZO we manufacture in our own installations all the elements needed for a window in order to define and present ourselves as an INTEGRAL SYSTEMS MANUFACTURER.

Various automated transfer lines
(high speed production), injection
moulding in plastic, zamak and
aluminium and press stamping ensure
personalised and individualised hardware
for CORTIZO systems. A zinc plating
plant and an automated powder coating
plant allows the greatest possibility of
finishes for the perfect integration of
hardware and cremones for the window kit.

The polyamide constitutes a key
element in order to ensure the
thermal breaking and guarantees the
highest insulation features for a building
enclosure. For this reason it is imperative
to count on our own polyamides whose
manufacture, quality and efficiency is
controlled by us internally.

6 polyamide extrusion lines assure us of a
production capacity of 50,000,000 metres of
polyamide per year.

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