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ST 52 Facade

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» Wide variety of mullions (from 16 to 230 mm) and transoms (from 22,5 to 205,5) that solve the different aesthetic and constructive needs of the architectonic sector

» Internal seen section 52 mm

» Extensive profile range, their mechanical unions allows for all types of façades to be built (vertically, inclined, 90° corners, corners, polygonal) as well as solving large and heavy glazing modulations

» Water tightness elements: drainage pipettes, tear strip gaskets and vulcanized angles

» The glass is glued to a aluminum frame, which is glued to the main structure using clips

» This system offes the same outside look, wheter it is fixed glazing or proyecting opening. Only glass finished, with EPDM gaskets

» Glazing
Maximum glazing 38 mm*
Mínimum glazing 6 mm

*Consult us for greater thicknesses

» Opening possibilities
Hidden Top Hung

» Sections
Mullion 52 mm
Transom 52 mm

» Profile thickness
Mullion 2,1 & 3 mm
Transom 2,1 mm

» Minimum / Maximum opening dimensions
Min. Width (L) = 500 mm
Min. Height (L) = 650 mm
Max. Width (L) = 2500 mm
Max. Height (H) = 2500 mm

» Maximum weight / sash
180 Kg

» Maximum weight of fixed lights
350 kg

Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies

» Finishes
Powder coating / Anodized

» Transmittance
Ucw from 0,7 (W/m²K)
Please consult dimensions and glazing

» Certification CWCT British Standard

» Air permeability
(EN 12152) CLASS AE

» Water tightness
(EN 13114) CLASS RE750

» Wind resistance
(EN 13116) APT

(Design loading 1200 Pa – security loading 1800 Pa). Test reference 3,00 x 3,50 m.

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